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Our Goal and Promise

Our goal is to provide a positive environment for your child to learn and compete in the sport of wrestling, and gain from it the positive character traits that most wrestlers develop.  We will keep this idea in all aspects of the club, from planning practices, to communicating with parents, and coaching during competitions.  Because of this, and as a reminder of this, we ask all participants in the club (coaches, parents, and athletes) to sign a Code of Conduct in regards to behavior at practice, tournaments, and club events.

Wrestling is very challenging sports, for both the athletes and the parents.  Many of the coaches have child that are also wrestling, and are sensitive to the pressure and stress that comes from competing in this sport.  In all matters, we want to encourage actions that benefit the character of the athlete and his or her own growth in this sport.

We also want to express that wrestling, like any sport, has the potential risk of injury, even with consistent supervision by coaches.  The OHWC requires all members to sign a medical release acknowledging the risk of participating in wrestling.  As coaches, we will strive to make practice as safe as possible.  If a wrestler is believed to have received a concussion in practice or during a competition, the coaches will pull the wrestler from any future participation until that wrestler is cleared by a medical doctor.  This rule is to protect athletes from the danger of subsequent concussions while already suffering from one.