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Coaches and Staff

Our Coaching Staff is dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere for the youth of Oak Harbor and Whidbey Island to learn the sport of wrestling.  We seek to create a fun, athlete-centered environment, that also challenges each individual both physically and mentally.  All of our current coaches, from Head Coach to Parent Coaches, are volunteers who have seen the value of the sport of wrestling, and want to help bring that success to the athletes of our club.

Cody Fakkema- Coach Fakkema has competed in the sport of wrestling for over 10 years.  Starting his wrestling as a youth in the Oak Harbor program, Coach Fakkema was a multiple time State placer, Team Captain, and a great leader.  Coach Fakkema continued his wrestling career in college, and has been coaching the Vasity wrestling program at Oak Harbor High School for the past 5 years.  He help found this club to provide a space for young kids to both fall in love with wrestling, and have the opportunity to push to greatness as well.

Joe Brannon- Coach Brannon has been a fixture in Oak Harbor wrestling since his competitive days in the mid-1990's.  After leading his team as Captain, and placing in State, Coach Brannon quickly moved into the ranks of coaching.  He is the Senior Coach in the High School, and has been a leader among the Club program for years. 

Board of Directors:
President: Peter Esvelt- Long-time high school and middle school coach.  He is hoping to provide the structure and consistency to the program, that will allow kids to wrestle, coaches to coach, and this sport to grow strong in Oak Harbor.  Esvelt will also be helping out as an assistant coach.

Vice-President: Kit Christopherson- Head Coach at NWMS, with 3 sons currently in the Club.  Kit has a long background in wrestling, from wrestling himself to coaching for a decade and a half in Oak Harbor.  His abilities as an artist (OHHS Art Teacher), and his knowledge of technology fill a huge need for OHWC.  If you like the logo, make sure to thank him!

Treasurer:  Thresa Cress- Parent of a current OHHS wrestler, Mrs. Cress will be a primary contact for parents about the club, and in charge of club communication.